Thursday, February 12, 2009

RE: 1955 VS 2009

oh it appeared the other night on NCIS.... OH yeah i forgot tvs not real life. lifes problems have evolved as well as changed priorities.all the while the workload since 1955 QUADRUPLED.i havent changed my priorities in taking care of the kids or you by making sure i have my 3 jobs making Darned sure theres a roof over your heads if thats CAVEMAN than OOOOGABOOOOGA!! @@

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Tricia said...

caveman because you think work is your only priority. I handle everything else.. the sick visits davids visit, when you get sick we are suppose to fix it.. when I get sick, I get told I cant help you sorry. I am through.

you can work 3 jobs all you want (2 really 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year), and I have told you NUMEROUS times I will go back to work you tell me NO. .so quit handing me that neanderthal bullshit.