Monday, February 9, 2009

RE: not me monday

i Do have a reply to your post baby:-)

1. I did NOT get into a fight with my mouthy 15 year old son and take away a video game he earned, and later feel a little guilty for doing so.
Don’t, it’s a respect thing and he had none....Respect is earned as well as privaleges... it had nothing to do w/ sleepyness it was playing twilight princess for 4hr 17 min...... and what awwww he had a few dishes to do BFD...

LIKE them when they grow up because of the attitudes my aliens (teenagers) have been throwing lately.

my father told me payback is a B*&$% and its true... i am being paid back 10 fold for the stuff i did as a kid... how many times have i stopped and said crap why is my father here and realized it was me?????????? so many times i need to borrow the kids and pets toes and fingers to count:-)

had to post this picture cuz its tooo cute....
and if i havent said it today LOVE YA BABY!!!!:-)

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